CAPES (2016)

Director: Lucas Testro / Writer: Lucas Testro / Producers: Lucas Testro & Marian Blythe

The city's self-appointed protector The Dark Blackness has a problem: he keeps getting his sidekicks killed. Finding himself fresh out of child wards, he comes up with an unlikely solution to his staffing problems.

Starring Steven Gates (Tripod), Jack Beeby & Eve Morey (Neighbours)


  • "...incredibly entertaining. It's absurd. It's kind of stupid. It's a perfect superhero comedy." - Ain't It Cool News

  • "Filmmaker Lucas Testro … offers up rapid-fire verbal wit and crack comic pacing to send up the superhero genre. …a crashingly entertaining good time." - Omeleto

  • "brilliant" - Chatflix

  • "really, really funny" - The Roguecast

  • "...will make you laugh and surprise you in ways you wouldn't think a superhero film would..." - Shuffle Online

Festivals & Awards:

  • Winner: Futurefilm Screenwriting Award 2010

  • Austin Film Festival 2016

  • Reel Shorts Film Festival 2017

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