Director: Lucas Testro / Writers: John Richards & Lee Zachariah / Producer: Ben McKenzie

It’s known as a celebration of camp and kitsch, but the history of Eurovision is one of war, struggle, and pain. Songs For Europe comprises 2 short plays about the Eurovision legacy.

A young journalist comes to interview an ageing singer about her nul points performance and gets more than he bargained for. In 1974, Portuguese activists gather in a cafe waiting for the radio broadcast of the Eurovision song that will trigger the revolution.

Look behind the pageantry, sweep away the sequins and see the truth: reputations are ruined, lives are destroyed, governments are laid low. Are the songs for Europe - or against it?


  • “The performances are stellar ... The show was bright and fun, insightful and educational. impressively rendered telling of loss, hope, art and spirit” - Crikey

  • “Don’t think Fringe at all... just think great theatre. ...refreshingly original - the writing is crisp and multi-layered and the performances terrific. ...Director Lucas Testro, best known for his television directing, does an excellent job with both plays, adding nuances and subtext that could easily have been overlooked. He handles his actors beautifully and draws the very best from their performances. ...An absolute must-see of the Fringe” - Stage Whispers

  • “It warms the heart to see such fabulous intelligent, funny and moving Australian theatre being debuted at Melbourne Fringe.” - Squirrel Comedy
  • “Full of heart, it’s a work that has a spike under every joke, gently questions its audience ... and remembers there are real people behind our wittiest mocking. ...The performers are consistently terrific and the writing surprises at every turn.” - Aussie Theatre

Festivals & Awards:

  • Melbourne Fringe Festival 2013

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